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3 Furniture Arrangement Tips for Your New Home

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Even in a newly built home, you’ll likely have some furniture-arranging challenges to deal with. Check out the following tips to create the rooms of your dreams:


Take time to measure your rooms before bringing in all of your furniture. In addition to the room, measure the hallways, stairways and doorways to evaluate whether you’ll be able to easily bring pieces in. This can help determine whether your existing furniture will work and fit into the room. It will also help in buying new furniture — just be sure to bring a tape measure to the store with you!

Consider scale

The size of pieces relative to each other and the space is their scale. Although a piece may “fit” into the space, the scale may be too large or too small in comparison with the other furniture and the room once you’ve placed it inside. You want your rooms to ultimately feel comfortable and harmonious.

Create balance

Think of how your room will look — will it be symmetrical or asymmetrical? Symmetrical refers to two of everything, while asymmetrical is intentional imbalance. Each type of balance creates a feeling inside of a space. Symmetry is calming, whereas asymmetry adds visual motion and excitement.


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