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3 Ways to Make Your New Ann Arbor House Feel Like a Home

Square pictures at an exhibition

Put up photos and decorations

One of the best ways to personalize a space is to bring in your own decorative touch. Hang up photos and paintings on bare walls, place frame on tabletops and warm up the space with flowers and plants. Your house will feel like a home once you’ve had a chance to put up your own touches throughout.

Durry - recycled silk rug

Buy rugs for wood and tile floors

To instantly warm up a cold area, such as a kitchen, bathroom or laundry room, buy area rugs to define the space and add a punch of color. Rugs are great for tying together a look or theme in a room and putting a personal touch on a newer home with builder details.

Sunroom (Angle 1)

Arrange rooms according to how you use them

When you first move into a new home, the rooms are bare and often not arranged for your particular lifestyle. Once you move in, it’s important to arrange furniture, appliances and kitchenware according to how you’ll use the room.

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