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9 Low-Cost Decorating Ideas for Your New Home

Flower arrangement

  1. Buy inexpensive bud vases to to stretch a bunch of flowers a long way. Arrange the vases in an interesting way for a dramatic effect.
  2. Create a wall arrangement with varying hues and textures within the same color family. There are many inexpensive things, such as plates and placements, that you can hang on the wall as decoration.
  3. Buy decorative paper, use photocopied pictures or tissue paper to fill a frame for something to hang on the wall.
  4. To create a rustic look, place seashells, driftwood and other beach materials around the room in place of candles or expensive knickknacks.
  5. Take an inexpensive lamp shade and glue ribbon around the edges to create a custom look.
  6. Scour flea markets and re-sale shops for decorative mirrors to help define a space.
  7. Stack books on a flat surface, such as a shelf, bench or end table, to draw the eye towards them.
  8. Add a pop to your room with white vases and vibrant-colored arrangements.
  9. Make a room feel cozier with small throws and blankets placed on ottomans and couches.

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