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Take a Tour of Torwood & Cherry Hill Village

Click the image above to take a tour of two of our communities: Torwood, a neighborhood in Saline, Mich. and Cherry Hill Village, a unique neighborhood in Canton, Mich. This tour details the different houses available, the surrounding area and amenities, and much more!

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Recent Photos of Newly Built Homes in Cherry Hill Village

Cherry Hill Village Entrance Sign

Cherry Hill Village Multi-Family Homes

Cherry Hill Village Street View

Cherry Hill Village Home

The following photos are courtesy of the Cherry Hill Village HOA:

We would love to see YOUR photos of your Cherry Hill Village home. Post them to our Facebook page at

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A Look Inside Cherry Hill Village of Canton

Cherry Hill Village is a beautiful neighborhood located at Cherry Hill Rd. and Ridge Rd. in Canton, Michigan. Take a look inside below!

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7 Reasons to Live in Canton, MI

Ready to move to Michigan — but aren’t sure which city? Thinking about putting down some roots and buying a home in the area?

Although there is quite a draw to cities like Ann Arbor or Grand Rapids, don’t discount the surrounding area. Canton is growing community in the heart of southeastern Michigan with a population of just over 84,000 residents.

Want to know more? Here are several reasons to live in Canton, Michigan:

1. The U.S. News named Canton one of the best places to retire due to the low crime rate, performing arts center, golf courses, and location (between Ann Arbor and Detroit).

2. Canton is one of the best places to live, according to CNN Money. Cities were evaluated based on housing, financials, education, quality of life, leisure and culture, weather, health, and more.

3. Canton is in an ideal location — just minutes from Metro Airport and conveniently between Detroit and Ann Arbor.

4. Our neighborhood, Cherry Hill Village, is located in Canton with beautiful homes starting at $179,000. From the Township website:

Cherry Hill Village, located in the Cherry Hill and Ridge Road area, Canton’s charming neo-traditional neighborhood, is growing. Young families are flocking to the area that offers beautiful homes, seasonal farmers markets, outdoor concerts, a safe and friendly atmosphere and more.

Check out this infographic about Cherry Hill (courtesy of the Township website):

Cherry Hill Village, Canton, Michigan, Livonia Builders, Canton real estate, new construction, Canton neighborhoods

5. The community has a state-of-the-art community center and a premiere performance venue, according to the Canton Township website.

The Village Theater at Cherry Hill shines at the center of town. The 400-seat venue attracts acts of all kinds, including stand-up comedy, musicals and drama, as well as art exhibits and a variety of local productions. The Village Theater draws over 45,000 patrons annually to Cherry Hill Village.

6. The Canton Farmer’s Market features local vendors and farmers with loads of fresh fruits, vegetables, baked goods, eggs, jerky, pasta, salsas, fish, natural soaps, and much more.

7. Home to tons of restaurants, shops and entertainment, Canton has more than 300 shops along the DDA District off Ford Rd. alone. Whatever you’re looking for — sports venues, motels, apartments, retail shops, department stores, and of course, IKEA — it’s there!

Canton residents: Why do you love your city? Please share with us in the comments!

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Neighborhood Profile: Cherry Hill Village (Canton, MI)

Along with The Woodlands of Arbor Ridge in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Torwood in Saline, Michigan, we’re also building a large neighborhood in Canton, Michigan. Cherry Hill Village is pictured below and has a unique look to the homes and the surrounding amenities than other neighborhoods in the area.
Canton, Michigan, Real Estate, Ann Arbor Real Estate, Cherry Hill Village, Neighborhood

Location: Cherry Hill Rd. & Ridge Rd. in Canton, Michigan.


Nearby amenities: Independence Park, Cherry Hill United Methodist, Village Theater, restaurants, salons, schools, shopping centers, IKEA and much more.

Cherry Hill Village is a strong, vibrant, and exciting community. It is Michigan’s first Traditional Neighborhood Development and is located in Canton, Michigan.

— Cherry Hill Village HOA

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Ann Arbor-Saline Home Buyers: Should You Buy New or Buy a Foreclosure?

Ann Arbor & Saline home buyers looking for a great deal seem to automatically think that buying a foreclosure or bank-owned property is the way t0 go to get a “great deal.” Well, they may want to think again. The foreclosure property may have a great list price, but when you factor in the time and money to get it up to like new condition or to your personal standards, it turns out, in many cases, to not be that great of a deal.

If you knew that they could buy a brand new home for the same price (or less) than a foreclosed home, what would you choose? The new home of course.

Well, here’s the great news….you can buy a brand new home for the same price or less than a foreclosure! Surprised? You’re not alone. A lot of buyers never would have dreamed that new homes have become SUPER affordable.

Let’s take a look at why buying new is better than buying the foreclosed home.

No uncertainty or unpleasant surprises when you buy a new home. With a foreclosure there are always unforeseen problems that pop up, that you will have to foot the bill for. Some of these “surprises” can costs thousands of dollars to fix. Not so with a new home, where you have the latest materials, amenities, and a One Year (or longer) Home Warranty for peace of mind.

Another benefit of buying a brand new home vs. a foreclosure is that new homes are 20 to 30 percent more energy efficient — saving you even MORE MONEY year after year after year.

We at Livonia Builders invite you to check out our latest home offerings and designs to see for yourself what new can do for you. We have numerous homes ready for you to inspect in the Torwood Community of Saline, The Woodlands at Arbor Ridge in Pittsfield Township and Cherry Hill Village of Canton. Or feel free to call us at 734-586-2559.

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