Why You Should Buy Your New Michigan Home This Spring

Home LoanIn the market for a new home? Although the housing market has been on the decline for several years, you simply cannot wait forever to own your own place. Renting tends to be expensive–and who wants to rely on a landlord for your family’s housing?

Consider the following reasons for buying your new home in Michigan sometime this spring:

Get more for less

Homes that were worth several hundred thousand five or ten years ago have significantly dropped in price, allowing today’s home buyers to receive more house (and better finishes) at nearly half the cost. Particularly, newly constructed homes, such as the ones in our neighborhoods in Ann Arbor, Saline or Canton, provide a significant value to today’s home buyers.

Invest in your future

While renting is a great option for individuals who don’t plan on staying in the area for longer than a few years, when you buy a home, you’re investing in your future. Prospective home buyers with families who plan on living in the area for at least the next five years should definitely consider buying a home.

Prepare for the housing market recovery

Much like the economy, the housing market has its ups and downs. If you know you’ll be living in the area for some time, you’re bound to make some type of return on investment in buying a home. If you make significant improvements (appropriate to the neighborhood and location) you might even be able to profit when it comes time to sell your home.

Do you think now is the right time to buy a home? Why or why not?


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