5 Reasons to Live in Saline, MI

Saline, Michigan is a quaint, small town outside of the big city of Ann Arbor. One of our new neighborhoods, Torwood, is located in the city of Saline.

Saline MI downtown building Don’t know much about Saline? Here are some great reasons to consider moving to this small town of about 9,000 residents:

1. Mill Pond Park. A favorite hang out spot for kids and parents alike, Mill Pond Park has a large play structure and grassy areas for children to play. There’s also events throughout the year hosted at the pavilion, a dog park, soccer fields, nature trails, and more. The park is located on the Saline River.

2. CNN Money named it “One of the Best Places to Live” in 2009. The article stated: “Youth soccer is big here, and many families are churchgoing conservatives. The downtown area has an eclectic array of historic and modern buildings (though no movie theater); it hosts the annual Celtic Festival, Saline Summerfest, and the Harvest of the Arts Oktoberfest.”

3. Proximity to other cities. Saline is a quick 15-minute drive into the larger city of Ann Arbor and a little over 45 minutes from Detroit. Saline is conveniently located right next to US-23, which makes traveling easier.Saline Mill Pond Park

4. Small town feel. Many people choose to live in Saline because of the friendly, family-oriented feel of the town. Saline is known for being a safe area, like many of the outlying small towns of Ann Arbor. Also, according to the city of Saline’s website: “Housing values and household income are well above average for the state and country.”

5. Great small shops, restaurants and stores. Downtown Saline is home to great restaurants, such as Mac’s Acadian Seafood Shack and Brecon Grille. Walking downtown you’ll also experience several unique shops and stores, where “the shop and restaurant owners know your name” according to the city of Saline’s website.

Do you live in Saline? What do you LOVE about living there?



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