7 Reasons to Live in Ann Arbor, MI

Looking to move to Ann Arbor, Michigan? Perhaps you’re contemplating buying a home in the Ann Arbor area?

Ann Arbor Window Sign Welcome to Ann Arbor

There are many reasons to live in the great city of Ann Arbor. Here are just a few!

1. The Big House. If you love football, you’ll love the spirit surrounding the Michigan Wolverines. Boasting the largest stadium in the U.S., game days are a huge event for Ann Arbor residents.

2. The University of Michigan. The U of M campus is beautiful and full of historic buildings.

3. Main Street restaurants. Downtown Ann Arbor has tons of restaurants for every type of diner. Local favorites include Real Seafood, Palio’s, Grizzly Peak Brewing Co., The Chop House, Gratzi and more.

4. Proximity to other metropolitan areas. In a little under an hour’s drive, you can head into Detroit or Toledo, Ohio, from Ann Arbor. Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo are both about 2 hours away.

5. Entertainment. Ann Arbor is home to all types of entertainment, from sporting events to concerts to performing arts. The Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase has shows Thursday through Saturday; The Power Center hosts many events throughout the year; and the Michigan and State Theaters often show movies and special screenings.

6. Art and museums. Ann Arbor is home to many artists. The Ann Arbor Street Art Fair attracts more than 500,000 attendees each year and often wins awards. The Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum is a favorite for children, and the University of Michigan Museum of Art is a great place to visit to enjoy many types of art.

7. Parks and lakes. Although Ann Arbor is a large city home to more than 100,000 residents, it still has a “small town” feel with several park areas and surrounding lakes.

Looking to move to Ann Arbor? Check out The Woodlands of Arbor Ridge, one of our great communities of new homes.

What’s your favorite thing about Ann Arbor? Tell us in the comments!


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