7 Ways to Get Involved in the House Hunt With Your Partner

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Searching for a new house can be stressful and time-consuming. It’s not unusual for one partner to end up doing the majority of the work because the other has too many other commitments to spend a lot of time on a home search. How can you get involved — and show your appreciation to your partner — without jeopardizing your job or hobbies?

1. Pack a lunch or snacks. If your significant other is going house hunting all day, pack them a lunch, snacks or buy them a gift card to their favorite cafe. Although you won’t be there physically, they’ll appreciate that you’re thinking about them.

2. Take advantage of technology. Although you may need to be in the office while they’re out house hunting, ask your significant other to bring a video camera or laptop to share the experience with you.

3. Enlist another family member of friend to “stand in” for you. Your partner doesn’t have to shop for houses alone. Even though you can’t be there, ask other people if they are available to help compare homes.

4. Take on the next big housing project. Vow to make the arrangements for moving day or re-painting the home of your choosing. Although you aren’t available for the house hunt, your partner will appreciate that you’re willing to take the lead on the next large home task.

5. Find a real estate agent or secure the financing. Early on in your house search, there are other aspects of buying a new home you need to consider. If you are too busy to search for homes, instead call around to find the right Realtor or to secure financing for your home.

6. Listen and offer opinions. When your significant other comes home from a long day of house hunting, make sure you look at all of the photos and video of the homes they visited. Listen to the pros and cons of each one and offer your opinion on the house in order to come to a joint decision.

7. Research and read about home buying in your spare time. Check out local Realtor’s blogs, resources such as HGTV and books that provide tips and advice you can share with your partner.

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