7 Reasons to Buy a Newly Constructed Home

Ann Arbor New Homes, New Construction, Home BuildersWith all of the choice in today’s housing market, it can be difficult to choose between an existing home, a foreclosure steal or new construction. We believe that new construction can save home buyers a lot of headaches without spending much more than you would on an existing home purchase.

Still deciding? Here are seven reasons to buy new construction:

  1. High energy efficiency. New homes are built to higher standards than existing homes. Today’s energy codes require a home to save its owner more money because of advances in technology in appliances, insulation and building materials. In an existing home, depending on when it was built, you’ll likely be spending more money on electricity bills than if you buy new construction.
  2. No upfront repair costs. When buying an existing or foreclosed home, there are likely some (or many) repairs to be made once you move in — especially when the home owners move out of their home while selling (or it becomes foreclosed), like here in Michigan. With a newly constructed home, everything is new and under warranty, alleviating the worry of repairs.
  3. Better value. Most newly constructed homes are going for about the same as existing homes, however, you’re getting much more bang for your buck and a home that is in perfect shape.
  4. Everything is new. New appliances, building materials, windows, doors, finishes, etc. No one has lived in the home before, so there are no hidden surprises or problems after you purchase the home. All of the new aspects of the home typically come with warranties, too — so if something goes wrong, you’re covered!
  5. Ability to customize for your needs. New home construction can be tailored to a specific family’s needs — such as choosing from different floorplans or picking out a specific piece of property to build on. You also get to choose what types of finishes you’d like to see in your new home, such as countertops, light fixtures, appliances, etc.
  6. Longer life expectancy. Because of the increased standards of today’s new homes, your home will hold up longer than older homes on the market and will need less repairs than an existing home.
  7. You get to be the first to live in it. Many people are unsure about buying existing homes because you never know who lived in it before or how well it was kept up. With a new home, those worries are gone. You’re able to enjoy a home that only you’ve lived in.

Thinking about buying a new home? Check out our website for more on our brand-new, highly affordable homes in Michigan.


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